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Poggenpohl German Kitchens

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Founded in 1892 in the heart of Germany, Poggenpohl has been designing and producing Luxury Kitchens at their Herford production plant for 125 years, making it the world's longest-established and most renowned kitchen brand in the world.  From that day to this, we have followed the vision of our founder, Friedemir Poggenpohl, who set out to ‘Improve the Kitchen’. 

For the past 125 years, Poggenpohl has continued to ‘improve the kitchen’, transforming it from a humble backroom into a living space that’s at the heart of the home.  Our pioneering history includes many firsts, including the first white lacquer kitchen furniture, ground-breaking ergonomic work-top heights, and the first development of the 'kitchen island', Poggenpohl has led the way.

Technical expertise, materials of the highest quality, meticulous craftsmanship and trend-setting design go into every Poggenpohl kitchen. At our factory in Germany we pay the utmost attention to detail and aim for perfection in everything we make. That is the Poggenpohl way.  Poggenpohl kitchens are sent from our 54,000 m2 factory in Germany to more than 70 countries around the world. We work with over 450 Poggenpohl showrooms and Design Studios, whose skilled designers share our values and knowledge within the group and we are able to translate their customers’ visions of an ideal kitchen into reality based on our expertise and knowledge.

Eggersmann German Kitchens

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Founded in 1908, Eggersmann has produced individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture for more than a hundred years. They are committed to perfection and timeless elegance. Their continuous development is based on the research for innovations, their use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies combined with the fosterage of the traditional craft has produced unique German Kitchens. They consider the sustainability of their kitchen systems as an important challenge.  Eggersmann manufactures valuable unique pieces for sophisticated people.

Eggersmann is one of Germany's most innovative kitchen makers. In their approx. 11.000 sqm factory in the heart of the German kitchen furniture industry they have a perfected what the World has come to known as Luxury German Kitchens in their highly modern facility. With 108 employees they produce approx. 6000 kitchens each year exporting to over 38 countries Worldwide. Their entire production is exclusively "Made in Germany"


Schmalenbach German Wardrobes

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Individually designed, Custom Built, Hand Made, High Quality, German Made Luxury Wardrobes.  When brothers Kai and Karsten Schmalenbach took over their parents furniture shop in Gummersbach, Germany in 2004 they started to produce bespoke German Wardrobe Systems. Schmalenbach has in this very short time established themselves as one of the leading Luxury Wardrobe Manufacturers in the World.

 Every Wardrobe manufactured by Schmalenbach is unique, and entirely manufactured individually for you, nothing is modular.  All steps of the manufacturing process are controlled in the factory in Oberberg. Together with the highest-grade craftsmanship, Schmalenbach can realize your individual needs and wishes and control the quality of the product by manufacturing solely in their German factory.


Draenert German Dining Tables and Bar Stools

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Founded in 1968 by Dr. Peter Draenert, he set the standards of the company - traditional craftsmanship; quality and first-class workmanship has made DRAENERT furniture one of the World leaders today. It is the longing for perfection; individuality and an unmistakable loving attention to detail that make them so unique. The cooperation with well-known designers such as Georg Appeltshauser, Prof. Wulf Schneider and Gino Carollo brought to DRAENERT several awards like the Interior Innovation Award, Red Dot Award, Best of the Best Award and the IF - Product Design Award and many others.

Through the cooperation with Poggenpohl, the most famous and renowned kitchen brand in the world, DRAENERT has positioned itself within the trend towards the merging of kitchen and the living/dining area.

DRAENERT is globally known as the Natural Stone Dining Table specialist with a large private stone collection. About 200 different types of natural stones from all over the world are held in their own stone park that invites customers to a visit and personally select their own slabs of natural stone.

The company, which is today managed by Dr. Patric Draenert, the second generation of the founders, currently exports to more than 50 countries Worldwide.


Gaggenau German Appliances

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Founded in 1683, Gaggenau has been involved in the manufacturer of kitchen appliances for over 300 years.  Initially Gaggenau manufactured coal, gas and electrically powered stoves as well as industrial kitchen installations. In 1961, under the leadership of Georg von Blanquet, production was switched progressively to integrated kitchen appliances and this has made Gaggenau the industry leader it is today.

 In both function and design, Gaggenau is the brand for the professional chef and personifies the absolute high-end aspiration for integrated kitchen appliances.  Each Gaggenau appliance is handcrafted; with attention to detail and the human touch during the intricate assembly processes that are integral to the company’s philosophy.

No other company has revolutionized the domestic kitchen appliances as much as Gaggenau, with its innovative built-in ovens, ‘Free’ Induction cooktops, pyrolytic self-cleaning systems, Combination steam ovens and uniquely oven doors that can be opened from the side, to name but a few innovations.  The design of the Gaggenau appliances combines and complements each other no matter what configuration. The difference is Gaggenau.

Liebherr German Refrigeration

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Liebherr is not only one of the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery with more than 39,000 employees but also develops domestic refrigerators and is noted for its brilliant concept of the Bio-Fresh System for longer lasting freshness and intensive taste, Vitamins and aromas are preserved thanks to innovative cooling technology. Specializing in the integrated refrigerator solutions along with freestanding and wine-temperature control cabinets, the Liebherr Group is still managed by the Liebherr family today.

For Hans Liebherr, the impetus behind new areas of business is sometimes derived from personal contacts. From the branch manager of his local bank, the businessman learns about a refrigerator-making factory that is for sale.

By examining the product, the sales figures and the markets, Liebherr recognizes the enormous potential of appliances. At this time, only one in every ten households in Germany has a refrigerator – and with the economy growing, demand is on the rise. Hans Liebherr decides not to buy the company but instead builds his own production facilities at the Ochsenhausen site in Southern Germany. In 1954, the first refrigerator is built there and series production begins just one year later.

Today the domestic appliances from Liebherr are a symbol of quality worldwide and every day more than 7,000 appliances leave Liebherr’s various production plants.


Dornbracht German Tapware

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The days were long. More than sixty years ago, Aloys F. Dornbracht, who was 57 years old at the time, and his son Helmut were working until five o'clock in the afternoon for other firms so that they could then use their wages to set up their own business in an old shack in Iserlohn. Evening after evening, they stood at the workbench, filing and polishing the first Dornbracht patent - a totally new fitting with an extending spout. Today, that entrepreneurial spirit to take risks and welcome change still determines the success of this family-run company. With the first fittings in his suitcase, Aloys F. Dornbracht took the train to the merchants in Cologne, literally selling from door to door. A few years later, the firm was producing 40,000 pieces a month. Now Helmut Dornbracht's sons, Andreas and Matthias, are at the helm of this medium-sized company, which in six decades has become the global market leader in premium fitting production and has exerted considerable influence over the cultural importance of design, architecture and technology in the Kitchen.

Grohe German Tapware 

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Founded in the town of Iserlohn, Germany in 1817 GROHE has a rich tradition of creating market-leading products. Grohe AG is today Europe's largest manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom faucets and shower systems. Grohe has a worldwide market share of roughly 80% in this product segment.

 GROHE Kitchen and Bathroom fittings unite award-winning design with the finest materials and the latest industry-leading technologies. Every collection offers a wide choice of designs to complement the latest finishes and your personal styling preferences.

 A broad range of designs, product features and installation choices for all styles of kitchen, ensures everybody can find their perfect kitchen mixer.

 They are constantly working on optimising their products and services including the Award winning Grohe ‘Red’ Boiling Water/Kitchen Mixer in one stunning design.

Hansgrohe German Tapware

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Master clothier Hans Grohe (1871-1955) was an innovator. In 1899 he moved from Luckenwalde near Berlin to the small Black Forest town of Schiltach. Two years later he turned his back on weaving and established a metal pressing workshop. Hans Grohe had a passion for water, and so from 1901 onwards he bravely hedged his bets on the sanitary sector, which was still in its early stages of development. Of course, bathrooms in private houses were only just becoming fashionable at that time. He specialized in tin showers, thus laying the foundations for untold success. During the course of the 20th century, Hans Grohe’s small three-man operation in the Kinzigtal Valley developed into a global company. Today it is one of the international innovation and market leaders for Kitchen Mixers and Showers.

From 1928, Hans Grohe’s hand shower became a convenient alternative to the then customary overhead shower. Hans Grohe became a shower specialist and pioneer for the German sanitary industry. For many decades his craftsmanship and design set the trends. Even as an 82-year-old, this visionary invented something trend-setting: the wall bar, to which the hand shower can be attached at the desired height. Today it is common in bathrooms all over the world – in 1953 it was a stroke of bathroom genius.

Today, this Kitchen Mixer and Bathroom specialist employs more than 3,500 workers in the small Black Forest town of Schiltach, bathroom history is still being written.

Blanco German Sinkware

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Mixer taps and sinks by BLANCO appeal for their excellent craftsmanship, first-class materials and unbeatable designs. BLANCO has been producing high quality kitchen technology since 1925. Today, BLANCO mixer taps and sinks represent quality, functionality, aesthetics and professionalism of the very highest in over 100 countries all over the world.

Blanco is a company that consistently develops its products and introduces market-relevant innovations that can secure and develop its market strength. They need to prove that their new developments also bring additional benefits, and will prove their worth in harsh daily life in the kitchen, which is how they perfected the stunning new Silgranit sinks that are now the top selling sinks in Germany.

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